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So, Uh, personal, if you want to say hi.

I’ve had exams.

Forgive me?


I’ll give you souls?

Perhaps that was inappropriate. 

I’m sorry! Storm knocked out my internet, I only just got it back.

I’ve missed you.


cthulhuscat said: This is so beautiful. <3

Thankyou! :)

alightershadeofgrey said: Thank you so much for making the 'faeries' meme. IT LOOKS AWESOME! :D

No problemo :D It was an awesome Idea :’D

timelessmulder said: It's your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY

I’m now 17, legal wizarding age! Chyeah! THANKYOU,

wolfinthemaze said: Happy Bday! :DD Btw, I love ALL of your work :D


we-have-no-other-choice-deactiv said: happy birthdaay! :)<3

Thank you ^^ :D -le hug-

panicm0nster-deactivated2013092 said: HAPPY BITHDAY!!! :D you're awesome!!!!

Thank you so much :D -le drunk dean face- You’re awesome.

assbutt-butt said: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My birthday is on friday! Also, this blog is the best thing ever.

That’s awesome! And thank you so much! Twice! All the love :)


watching-the-bees said: Happy birthday!


Thankyou <3 <3 <3

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